Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fourth District Court Excludes Income from Residence

The Fourth District Court ruled today in Levine v. Levine that it would be improper to charge a party with income representing the rental value of the marital home in which they live with their children…

Sunday, March 7, 2010

4th DCA Approves Contempt Order

The Fourth District Court completed its review in Ginnell v. Pacetti, 4D09-1942 on March 3rd, releasing an opinion which can be found here. The Court was reviewing the order resulting from a four day contempt hearing regarding timesharing, and contains several interesting findings. Among other rulings, the Court distinguished that case from the Perlow decision despite the lower tribunal's use of a portion of counsel's proposed Order, and approved a modification of a parenting plan as a result of a contempt finding and the discretion granted by Florida Statute §61.13(4)(c)(6).

Florida Supreme Court Approves New Forms

The Florida Supreme Court, in an opinion released March 4th, has now approved a new Income Deduction Order for immediate use state-wide, along with a Notice to Payor and Notice of Filing Return Receipt that accompany that form. The full opinion text can be found here.

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