Friday, December 30, 2011

First DCA Reverses Modification and Fee Award

In Galligar v. Galligar, the First District Court of Appeal reversed a modification of alimony which reduced the former husband’s support obligation on the grounds that the modified amount still exceeded the former husband’s ability to pay, as it amounted to 81% of his net monthly income, and on the ground that the order that he pay a portion of his former wife’s attorney’s fees was improper due to her own ability to pay.  While the trial court directed that the appellant could pay the alimony and attorneys’ fees from his assets, the First District rejected “the suggestion by the trial court that a party who is meeting a current alimony obligation is required to set aside additional funds to meet future alimony obligations, in anticipation of a potential loss of income.  The First District also found that, as each party was equally able to pay fees, it was error to make any award from one party to the other.

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